Twin My mfers

The world's first NFT cloning service

1Connect Your Wallet

2Chose the mfers to Clone

3Confirm Transaction

4Cloned mfers is yours to keep or sell

Twin mfers

Keep a copy of any mfers you own, so if you sell the original you can still appreciate the artwork in your wallet.

Connect Your Wallet

Once connected we locate all of the metadata and artwork from your mfers collection.


The original mfers NFT plus the new twin are both kept safely in your wallet, and when you choose to sell the original, the duplicate will stay in your wallet.

Clone your mfers

On selecting the mfers you wish to twin, we mint a brand new copy of your asset on the ethereum blockchain.

Keep an identical twin of your mfers collection in your wallet, even after selling the originals.

Many collectors get attached to their mfers NFTs and want to continue to view the artwork in their wallet long after they have sold them.

We are offering the ability to twin your mfers and keep a duplicate forever in your wallet and on the blockchain.

Powered by Ethereum.

All mfers that you twin will exist permanently on the mainnet blockchain on a separate contract, protecting your asset in case the original one stops working.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
On confirming you wish to make a Twin of your mfers, we fetch the metadata of your asset and store a copy of it. We then create a new transaction on the ethereum blockchain, immortalising your mfers forerver.
How much does it cost?
We charge a very low 0.02ETH to make a copy of your mfers. This fee is sent to the contract when you initiate the Twin.
Can I sell my Twin mfers ?
The newly minted mfers is yours to do with as your please. You are free to list your mfers on the various market places, or transfer it to any other wallet for safe keeping.


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